About us

Who's Who?

FortyTwo Marketing is the brainchild of Jenni Mountford and Ann Pawley. 

Jenni is FortyTwo's design genius and Ann's the copywriter and marketing diva.

For over twenty years we worked client-side in the technical publishing and manufacturing industries. In 2003 we decided to branch out on our own and created our first business - we haven't looked back since.

At the end of 2008 we founded FortyTwo Marketing to meet the needs of small and growing businesses, where budgets have to be squeezed hard and where in-house resources are sometimes overstretched.

Much of what we do involves communicating effectively in words and design with our clients' customers. Our backgrounds mean that we're particularly good at business to business communications as we understand well the types of messages and language these audiences need to hear.

Having spent so much time as clients ourselves, we tend automatically to feel very protective of our clients' businesses; we treat budgets very carefully and always aim to deliver the type of professional service we'd expect if we were sitting on your side of the desk.

We both operate from our homes which works well for our work life balance, keeps us sane and means our overheads are very low. So our clients benefit from a great service at really competitive rates. Admittedly the downside is we can't entertain you in plush offices, but we have been known to take cake to the occasional meeting, or buy a round at the bar, and our clients seem happy with the deal.

If there's something you think we might be able to help you with, please give us a call on 07824 666512 or email us on info@42marketing.biz

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